16 Reasons The Ladies Of America Are Totally Digging Prince Harry

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  • Prince Harry was given an unbelievable reception as he arrived in Washington DC yesterday, with large groups of female staffers (and the odd gent) having to be ushered away from the prince and back to their offices on Capitol Hill. The US has fallen in love with our Harry, and here's why...

    Yesterday, the female members of staff on Capitol Hill behaved exactly as we would have done if Prince Harry had come to visit our office – by losing any pretence of ‘cool’, getting out their camera phones and shrieking in an excitable manner, all before they were ushered away from the prince and back to their desks. For shame.

    Here’s why we, and the whole world, are totally digging Prince Harry right now:

    1) Have you seen the guy in army fatigues? Oh wow.

    2) This prince can dance. They may not be the moves like Jagger but a two-step dad shuffle it ain’t.

    3) Kids LOVE him. Swoon.

    4) He made a dashing best man for Prince William, and we’ll never forget the heart-tugging moment when the pair were stood at the alter inside Westminster Abbey and Prince Harry sneaked a peek at Kate Middleton as she arrived, whispering to Wills: ‘Just wait ’til you see her.’ Adorable.


    5) Ever since the royal wedding, Harry has made the most handsome third wheel of all time.

    6) Anyone who looks this good in a polo outfit is alright by us.

    7) Harry genuinely wanted to beat Usain Bolt on his visit to Jamaica. Ambition is good. Ambition is sexy.

    8) Who’s cuter? The jury is out.

    9) Hazza looked incredibly nervous when he represented the Queen at the Olympic closing ceremony last summer. Showing that, despite his party animal rep, he takes his royal duties very seriously.

    10) Prince Harry is down with the kids (although, we’re clearly not for even using that expression).

    11) Above all things, Harry is a laugh and he never wastes an opportunity to stitch up his older brother. Remember when he said during a live interview on the BBC that Kate and Wills would be doing the London Marathon? What larks.

    12) He’s sporty. Polo, skiing, strip billiards? You name it, Harry can do it.

    13) Harry is always happy to get stuck in and for that we love him.

    14) He handles awkward situations well. Who thought it would be a good idea to get Harry to change a doll’s nappy? Really?

    15) Prince Harry is buff. He’s stacked. He’s got two tickets to the gun show.

    16) Apart from his looks, his sporting prowess, his love of partying and his charming way with kids, what we most love is Harry’s mischievous streak. No matter how formal the occasion, you can rely on Harry to be cracking jokes. He is his grandfather’s grandson fo’ sho’.



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