Barack Obama and Joe Biden – the bromance we all need right now

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    One good thing we’ve learned in the turbulent political events of the past few months? The relationship between the outgoing President Barack Obama and his VP Joe Biden is stronger than oak. On Thursday, Obama made things official when he awarded Biden the highest possible civilian honour by presenting his tearful VP with the Medal of Freedom.

    The President’s right-hand man has spent years in the shadow of his suave boss, but in the aftermath of a shock US election result Mr Biden has finally found his time to shine.

    The sudden Joe Biden-Barack Obama love-in is a clear sign that we didn’t know how good we had it, particularly now that walking horror show Mike Pence is looming on the horizon as the next Veep (a man whose moves to cut funding to Planned Parenthood helped trigger a mini HIV epidemic in Indiana).

    Even this dishy picture of a younger Joe Biden has been summoned from the archives. HOCHIMAMA!

    Joe Biden

    As Twitter user @_naidacielo put it: ‘Young Joe Biden could leave me on read at 4:30 and text at 8:47 and I would reply at 8:46’

    As an already scandal-plagued Donald Trump inches towards the White House, take your mind off impending political doom with a look back at some of our favourite Obama and Biden memes:

    (Special mention to Twitter user Molly Goodfellow (@hansmollman) and Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) for their fine work in this area)











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