Two of your favourite TV shows were supposed to end VERY differently...

The creators of Friends and Dawson's Creek have made some surprising revelations...

Dawson's Creek
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The creators of Dawson's Creek and Friends have made some surprising revelations...

Two of your favourite TV shows could have had very different endings, if the writers had got their way. And it's especially worth reading up on now because Katie Holmes confirmed that there WON'T be a Dawson's Creek reunion (sob), having told Sirius radio a pretty firm no:

'I don’t think we’re going to do a reunion. We did grow up, but we see each other every now and then. I think that the charm of the show was Kevin Williamson’s writing and it was of that time and it gave teenagers this voice. It was a very, very special time — a special show and I loved every minute of it.'

So for now, we'll just imagine how it could have been, then...

Dawson's Creek

At the same event, the writers of seminal '90s series Dawson's Creek also spilled the beans on how they had planned to end the show. And that, wait for it, involved Joey ending up with Dawson and not Pacey. Say what?!

Writer Paul Stupin dropped the bombshell, saying: 'It was clear to us that it was she and Dawson who would wind up together. Halfway through, Kevin calls me and says, "I changed my mind."'

Explaining his decision, creator of the show Kevin Williamson said: 'I always wanted this show to be the twist on the teen drama. I wanted this to be a show about soul mates and what soul mates could be. It’s not always about romantic love.

'Dawson always wanted to be a filmmaker. That was his dream. His one true love was Spielberg. And Pacey was always a screw-up. Wanting to be good enough for Joey was all he wanted.'


Monica ending up with Chandler was always a given, right? Wrong. As it turns out, the two 'lobsters' were never supposed to become a couple. That now-classic under-the-sheets tryst at Ross and Emily's wedding in London was only ever going to be a one-night stand. Speaking at the ATX Television Festival this weekend, Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman revealed that the writers were swayed by public reaction to the 'drunk enough to know that I want to do this, not so drunk you should feel guilty about taking advantage' scene that they decided to change the storyline.

'We had no idea what response that was going to get,' she said. 'We thought it was going to be funny and we were going to get rid of it.'

Apparently the screams were so loud during the recording of the hotel bedroom scene, they had to pause filming. 'Suddenly, the audience told us they had been waiting for that,' she added. 'We had to rethink how we were going to keep going and change the relationship.'

But, just so you know, Ross and Rachel were always meant to be together. Ending the show with Ross and Rachel not a couple? 'That would have been dumb,' said Marta. Agreed.