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A Donald Trump quote about Kate Middleton has resurfaced and it won’t make the royal family happy

We bet he regrets that one…

Theresa May extended an invitation to Donald Trump on behalf of the Queen just last week, welcoming the President to visit the UK (while holding his hand for some reason). Trump accepted the offer and a POTUS visit to Buckingham Palace definitely seems on the cards for 2017.

We imagine Trump is regretting his decision now though after a tweet emerged this week from his pre-White House days (i.e. before his social media activity was vetted) where he voiced his thoughts on the 2012 Kate Middleton topless photo scandal.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Duchess of Cambridge’s privacy was invaded back in 2012, when photographers took and published photos of her sunbathing topless while on a private holiday in Chateau d’Autet, in the south of France.

The couple took legal action against the photographers and publishing executives involved after they appeared in France’s Closer magazine and went viral online, obtaining a civil injunction to stop them spreading further.

Donald Trump, however, decided to voice his opinions on the subject, at the time tweeting in response, ‘Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!’

Trump has been known to tweet openly on all manner of topics, everything from whether or not Robert Pattinson should take Kristen Stewart back to calling Meryl Streep overrated, but surely insulting royalty is a bit of a no-go.

The Royal Family haven’t commented on the tweet’s resurfacing yet but we’re assuming a few of them aren’t thrilled that he will be paying them a visit.

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