There’s A Sherlock Colouring Book And We Really Want It

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  • So you may be over the swirly flowers and underwater scenes but before you put your pens away just stop right there! There's a Sherlock colouring book - and it's soooo good.

    Calling all Cumberbatch fans – here he is, as Sherlock. And you can colour him in. (This is not a euphemism.) Yes, an actual Sherlock colouring-in book is about to hit the stores and, just when we thought we were over our filling-in-the-intricate-flowers-and-birds obsession, this comes along and we’re hooked once again but in a different way. Sherlock: The Mind Palace is by Mike Collins and has over 50 ‘artworks’ (ok, pictures) to let loose on. And, being Sherlock, it’s not just about the colouring in. Oh no, no, no. A clue from each episode is hidden within the pictures and it only becomes apparent once you’ve completed them. Geeky, yes. Perfect? Absolutely. We want this sooo much.

    Fancy something a bit, well…different? Can we suggest, Thrill Murray, by Mike Coley, a homage to the wonder that is Mr M himself. (Seriously, we can’t find anyone who doesn’t love this guy.) Here he appears in drawings depicting various characters he’s played. Go crazy – if you want to colour his beard in blue you can. We get the feeling he’d approve.

    Okay, so you’re worried this is all a waste of time and you’d like something more serious? How about a feminist, body-positive colouring book from Theo Nicole Lorenz, called Fat Ladies In Spaaaaace? See – now you’re interested…

    Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos explains the appeal of releasing our inner kids: ‘Pastimes like these are nostalgic and a great way to lose ourselves. It’s a chance to switch off, ignore emails and go with the flow. If a pastime reminds us of childhood then it can bring back happy memories. Crucially, these hobbies aren’t competitive, either and don’t take too much effort.

    But colouring in can be a bit addictive, so what does that say about your state of mind if you find yourself hooked? ‘It says more about where you are in your life than if you’re an introvert or extrovert,’ says Dr Papadopoulos, ‘Chances are, if you love this kind of hobby you’re simply craving simplicity and perhaps comfort.’

    Or you just really want to see what Sherlock would like with pink hair and eyeliner…

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