Crazy Fictional Families That Will Make Yours Seem Normal

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  • You can choose your friends but – well, you know the rest. Here are our favourite dysfunctional families in fiction

    Have you ever sat there during a family dinner, looked around the table at your blood relatives and thought how on earth did I come to be related to these people? Well, just take a minute and think again.

    Because whether you’ve got competitive siblings or errant parents, chances are they won’t be half as bad as other people’s FFs. And by that we mean fictional families. There’s something deeply satisfying in reading stories about dysfunctional families (as long as they’re not yours, of course).

    The misunderstandings, the silences, the arguments, the rivalries – the life-long feuds. We could say we love these family sagas so much because of the complicated interplay between the characters, but the truth is we just love to know that someone else’s family makes ours look a little less crazy.

    Some of these stories are funny, some tragic, some both – all of them unique in their own way. There are missing parents, psychopathic offspring, deluded husbands and wives…all deliciously wrapped up in entertaining sagas that span difficult decades, hey, sometimes entire generations.

    We love a bit of conflict to keep us turning those pages, and there’s nowt as tense as a book with a family battle at its core. After all, who wants to read about a group of perfect people who agree on everything and never raise their voices? Not us. We want the fights, the barbed quips, the poisonous looks and the brooding over breakfast. Crazy fictional families are compelling; they have a car crash quality that we just can’t help but be fascinated by. So don’t feel guilty. Read on – enjoy – and remember. It’s all make belief. Sort of.

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