This is why Travis Kelce has had the "worst" Christmas

But things are looking up for his relationship with Taylor!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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In our opinion, anyone who gets to spend that much time with Taylor Swift should feel like it's Christmas every day. But despite being loved up with one of the world's most-loved pop icons, Travis Kelce says Christmas Day was the "worst".

Of course, he's not referring to his time spent with Taylor, but his team's loss against its rival in the Christmas Day game. Kansas City Chiefs played the Las Vegas Raiders but lost 14-20. 

Travis was chatting with his brother, Jason Kelce, about his festive celebrations during an episode of their podcast, New Heights, which aired on Friday 29th December. 

When Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce asked her brother-in-law how his Christmas Day was, he replied: "F***ing worst. I’m not going to lie. I’ve had better," referring to his team's loss.

However, he did then soften the statement by saying: "But, it ended well, with good Christmas cheer and great people, and that's always gonna save Christmas, no matter if you lose to the Raiders or not." While Kylie responded, "Glad it's looking up," 

Christmas at the Arrowhead Stadium actually looked far from the "worst" with Taylor and Travis' families coming together for a festive day out—Taylor's younger brother Austin was even dressed as Santa Claus. Travis' father Ed Kelce joined the Swift family, while it's thought that Travis' mother Donna spent Christmas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to be with her eldest son and his children.

Taylor Swift supporting Travis Kelce at the Arrowhead Stadium

Taylor Swift supported Travis at the Arrowhead Stadium

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Taylor's parents were not spotted walking into the stadium with her before the game and then later sitting in the Kelce family suite. Looks like things are getting pretty serious between the couple!

After the game, the families went back to the Kelce family home to spend the Christmas evening together, according to reporting from the Daily Mail.

During the podcast episode, Travis' sister-in-law Kylie also made a sweet reference to his relationship with Taylor, asking the football star: "I believe you might like cats now" —most likely in reference to Taylor's three cats.

Taylor is very close to her three cats Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button, who regularly appear in both her music videos and social posts. 

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