Teeth whitening kits that'll give you a Hollywood-worthy smile

We test the newest teeth whitening kits

white teeth
white teeth

We test the newest teeth whitening kits and pastes on the block...

If you can't afford a professional session, teeth whitening kits are your next best bet.

Back in the day, at-home tooth whitening products were bad. Really bad. They were tricky to use, painful, and in extreme cases even caused gum deterioration and dental weakening.

Thankfully, things have changed – and whilst it’s still preferable to see a specialist (dental hygienists are a must for healthy, happy teeth, with some also offering teeth whitening as part of the process such as the guys over at The Dentist Gallery) there are a handful of at-home products that really do the brightening business.

But with approximately 32,283 choices on the market, how do you know which will actually work?

As yellowing of the teeth is caused by thinning of the enamel (the underlying dentine becomes more visible as a result), a good place to start is something like Regenerate's Enamel Science, which can help reverse early stages of erosion. The Advanced Foaming Mouthwash (£6.67, Boots) can be used at home or on-the-go between meals.

We've tested a bunch of teeth whitening kits to bring you a handpicked edit of the best – just remember to check with your dentist before you use in case of any underlying dental issues.

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Best teeth whitening kits

Crest 3D-White Advanced Vivid Whitening Strips, £24.23, ukteethwhitening.com

teeth whitening kits Crest 3D White

Even if the damage to your once pearly-whites are years old, these bad boys promise to work on 10 years of stains. Plus they won't slip and slide all over your teeth, meaning you can rest knowing they'll stay in place and do their job.

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Rapid White Express Max Effect, £15.33, Boots

teeth whitening kits Rapid white

Over the course of a week these easy to use strips should help you on your way to a brighter smile. They’re non-peroxide, and you simply apply them to your teeth (they’re minty) and they dissolve in your mouth (just rinse, and go and you’re done!) They’re kinder to teeth enamel than peroxide strips – ideal for sensitive teeth.

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Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Kit, £12.50 (normally £25), Boots

teeth whitening kits

At the cheaper end of the scale, this kit works by painting brightening serum over the teeth, followed by an activator and finally a polish. Think of it as a deep-clean for your teeth. We noticed results after five out of the ten day treatment period.

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Invest in one of these kits and we're sure you won't be disappointed with the results, but if you're still undecided, why not try swapping your regular toothpaste from a whitening formula as a first step.

Arm & Hammer's Pro Protect formula, £3.00, is armed with the same baking soda technology that legit gives your teeth a properly deep clean, but also contains Liquid Calcium to whiten your teeth whilst also strengthening enamel - a must if you have sensitive teeth.

Hello Love Island teeth... (kind of).

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