Beauty with a Conscience: Meet the three new ethical skincare brands at Holland & Barrett

In partnership with Holland & Barrett

For the growing number of us with an interest in clean and natural beauty, navigating your way through the complex labelling and ingredients of many skincare brands can be a minefield. Not anymore. High-street favourite Holland & Barrett has just launched three new high-performing skincare ranges (Vitaskin, Q+A and Miaderma) that, as befits the wellness brand’s clean and conscious beauty ethos, aim to satisfy both your skincare requirements and your conscience. Mix and match or select from the one best suited to your needs in one easy shop. You’re welcome!

Vitaskin – Clean, green and powerful

Ethics and efficacy have long gone hand-in-hand at Holland & Barrett and its brand-new, first-ever clean and vegan skincare collection Vitaskin is no exception.

You’ll already be familiar with the skin-friendly power of vitamin A and vitamin C – those so-called wonder ingredients that have been cited to aid everything from brightening complexions to rejuvenating ageing skin. What better ingredients, then, to take centre stage.

From the skin smoothing, pore minimising, firming abilities inherent in the Vitaskin Vitamin A Intense Cell Renewal Oil to the hydrating, radiance-enhancing glow of Vitaskin Vitamin C Gentle Exfoliator, this is first-class skincare with a five-star conscience.

Q+A Skincare – Your questions, answered

Of course, no two people’s skin is ever exactly the same and navigating skincare labels can be notoriously tricky. Even the broad categories we’re used to – dry/oily/combination and the various permutations in between – do little more than offer a guide to pinpointing whether a product is right for you. Enter Q+A skincare.

The natural formulations in this UK-made, high-performing natural skincare range aren’t just ingredient-focused and cruelty-free, every product comes with an on-pack checklist outlining which skin types it’s suitable for and the specific benefit it aims to deliver. Q+A HTP Face & Neck Cream? It’s hydrating, skin-firming formula is suitable for all skin types. (Get in!) Combination skin prone to visible pores? That will be the pore-minimising Zinc PCA Facial Serum for you. (Normal skin types – you get to benefit from that one too.)

Miaderma – When skin is more than sensitive

For anyone who suffers from skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis, the need to know and trust what’s in your skincare isn’t just about ethics (though they count too), it’s an imperative.

Miaderma’s gentle, moisturising formulas are specifically designed to target and soothe affected skin across a range of products for both general daily use (Miaderma Eczema Body Wash and the perfume-free Eczema Shampoo) and skin flare-ups (Miaderma Eczema Mask and Eczema Cream). And as luck would have it, the full range has just landed in Holland & Barrett too.

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