Looking for the perfect post-baby skincare? Here’s your answer

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    Get back that gorgeous glow with Shiseido’s influencer-approved miracle formula

    Calling all lovely new mummies – your skincare saviour has arrived.

    ‘I had such a difficult time with my skin after giving birth to my daughter,’ fashion and lifestyle influencer Sammi Maria revealed, when discussing how her complexion changed after giving birth to her daughter earlier in the year.

    ‘After having lovely glowing skin during my pregnancy, it suddenly became extremely problematic and I was breaking out everywhere due to the sudden change in hormones.’

    Falling pregnant and having a baby is an amazing experience – however not all women are prepared for the effects this massive change can have on their skin after birth – sudden break-outs, dryness and lack of radiance can often make new mums feel like they’ve no control over their complexions. As if they weren’t busy enough. To stop post-pregnancy skin spiralling out of control, Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is here to solve all our skincare woes.

    Exclusively developed, the signature Ultimune ComplexTM nourishes and boosts skin’s natural defences, leaving your face feeling smooth, supple and glowing with health. Harnessing the power of plants, botanicals such as Ginko, Bilboa, Perilla and Wild Thyme help to anti-oxidise and protect against impurities. Plus, the relaxing rose and lotus fragrance will help ease any of that new mum stress, that can so often play havoc with complexions.

    ‘I started using Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, and as the weeks went by I noticed such a change in my skin,’ Sammi told us after using changing her post-baby skincare routine. ‘Not only did my face feel much smoother and plumper, but my complexion appeared much clearer too.’

    And because this luxurious formula improves the effects and benefits of your existing regimen, mums can feel safe in the knowledge that they don’t have to drastically alter things to get the full benefit of Ultimune’s multi-tasking ingredients.

    ‘It’s such a light refreshing formula,’ Sammi added. ‘I use it underneath my moisturiser and foundation. It feels like it helps them to apply and work better too. Ultimune has been part of my skincare ever since having my daughter.’

    To find out more about Ultimune and how it’ll help get back that gorgeous glow, simply book your free consultation with Shiseido by visiting Shiseido.co.uk to find your nearest counter.

    And don’t just take it from us – Sammi is quick to give Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate her Insta-influencer stamp of approval.

    ‘It’s so nice to find a product that feels like it’s actually nourishing and tending to my skin, especially after such a dramatic life change!’


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