Labia puffing is trending. Sorry what?

The new treatment that makes you want to cross your legs. Ouch!

labia puffing

The new treatment that makes you want to cross your legs. Ouch!

Move over lip fillers. The latest trend is to have, well, inner lip fillers. Yes, a designer vagina is once again trending. But, unlike labiasplasty which involves going under the knife, the latest trend is to inject fillers into your labia. Otherwise known as labia puffing.

Yes, women are splashing £2k on injections to make their vaginas look more youthful. But the question is, why? And how is this done?

As women age, particularly after menopause, the loss of oestrogen can affect the vagina leaving the delicate area deflated, dehydrated and wrinkled. Basically, much like other parts of your body, it loses elasticity and tone as you age. The fat that is naturally present in the labia disappears and the skin develops wrinkles or appears flat.

Enter labia puffing. The latest designer vagina treatment with no down time.

How is labia puffing done?

During the procedure, a small cannula that has a blunt tip is used to take fat from the patient's inner thighs or stomach. The fat is then transferred into the labia to 'plump it up'. And because you're filling the space with the same material that is naturally there, it actually looks natural. Plus, unlike facial fillers, these injections are said to be permanent.

'The benefit of labia puffing is that it uses you own fat from another area of your body to add volume back to an area that deflates with time', plastic surgeon, Jennifer Walden told Daily Star Online. 'This makes it look great as it immediately refills it to an appearance similar to what it may have looked like prior to child-bearing and/or menopause.' Dr Walden also went on to say that by using your own fat you get a 'softer, more natural appearance'.

The procedure takes just 30 minutes and recovery time is minimal. So you can literally get a designer vagina in your lunch break. Each to their own, we say!

Natalie Lukaitis