Is Yuko Hair Straightening the key to smooth hair?

Sarina Munro finds out why everyone is talking about this hair treatment...

yuko hair straightening
(Image credit: Alessandro Zeno)

Sarina Munro finds out why everyone is talking about this hair treatment...

It's the thermal hair-straightening system from Japan, that's taking over the UK. So what exactly is Japanese Yuko Hair Straightening? We get the low-down from leading Yuko technician and trainer in the UK and Europe, Yuhei Kanda.

How is it done?

I apply a special Yuko straightening solution to the hair which contains collagen, then rub it downwards along the hair follicle using my forefinger and thumb. It's this first step that breaks down the chemical bonds of the hair to start the permanent straightening process.

In addition to the straightening solution, I use a deep-conditioning protein treatment, containing keratin and silk on the hair, to give a deep-condition to the hair follicles during the straightening process. This protein treatment repairs dry, damaged hair leaving it super-soft, silky and shiny. So what you’re essentially getting is a two-in-one treatment: the permanent hair straightening AND the protein deep condition, that leaves hair baby soft.

I customise the Yuko straightening to each individual client because everybody’s hair is different, so the time frame varies.

After washing off the straightening solution, I dry off the hair and then use a special Yuko System hair iron imported from Japan to bond the newly straightened hair follicles. It has a constant temperature that stays evenly heated across the iron and special suspension to help maintain the hair’s health and prevents any heat damage.

Once the hair has gone through the thermal-straightening process, a neutralising solution is applied for five minutes to set the straightened bonds of the hair. It’s then washed off and you get a final blow-dry, leaving you with amazing, baby-soft hair that is permanently straight.

What sets it apart from other straightening methods?

It’s gives you permanent poker-straight hair.

Unlike the Brazilian blow dry, which smooths out frizz and needs to be maintained every 10-12 weeks, Yuko hair straightening is permanent, so you only need to visit once you have regrowth and need your roots done, which is every four-six months.

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

Like any hair treatment, the key is to maintain hair health, so ideally, use a deep-conditioning hair mask once a week.

Struggling to find the perfect hair mask? Powder can help! Take this quick quiz to find the best mask for your hair type.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

You will have an initial consultation to assess the texture, thickness, health and history of your hair. Everything is a bespoke service to each client.

Why should you get it done?

You won't have to use straighteners ever again. And you can let your hair air dry without worrying about frizz or go on holiday and not worry about humidity.

Where to get it done:

Yuhei Salon (020 7435 1300, Prices start from £330, depending on length and texture of hair.

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