Is your gym hairstyle causing you to suffer from traction alopecia?

It just might be

traction alopecia
Dirty air at the gym
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It just might be

Unfortunately working out isn't as easy as it once was.

You now have to question whether you're exercising at the right time? If you're washing your gym kit properly? And are you actually exercising too much? Seriously, it is a thing and it could be the reason you're gaining weight.

Well, you now also have to consider how to wear your hair when you're working out.

We're not even talking about hairstyles for vanity purposes here, because the way you wear your hair when you hit the gym could actually be one of the reasons you're losing your hair. Scary, we know.

Hair expert Anabel Kingsley spoke to The Daily Mail about the hairstyles women should and shouldn't wear when working out. And we're afraid to say that your hairstyle of choice is probably the one you really should be avoiding.

'Overly tight hairstyles, such as wearing your hair in a tight ponytail or braid, can put too much traction on the hair and hair follicle,' Anabel explained.

This is particularly bad when you're working out as the act of exercising can add extra tension to your hair follicles, especially if your hairstyle is already pulling at these.

'Initially, this can cause breakage and may even pull strands out. If done repeatedly over a long period of time, permanent hair loss can occur,' says Anabel.

'This type of hair loss is called "traction alopecia". To help prevent this, opt for a looser style,' she recommends.

So those of you who often whack your hair up into a ponytail or bun when you hit the gym might want to reconsider. Styles such as a loose braid are much more friendly on your scalp and are still a great way to keep those strands out of your eyes as you hit the treadmill.