Festive Pretox: 14 Ways To Prep Your Body For The Party Season

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  • The party season is nearly upon us, which means that our bodies are about to be subjected to weeks of booze, late nights and rich food. So we've spoken to top nutritionists to find out how we can keep feeling great all the way to 2016.

    1. ‘Supplement as much fibre into your diet as possible. This will cleanse your bowels before a heavy month of eating and drinking, which will ensure that you can digest the large amounts of food and drink that you will consume over the festive period effectively,’ says nutritionist and personal trainer Kate McTaggart, of The Lifestyle Concierge

    2. ‘All the festive food will make your body’s ph balance acidic, putting it under huge strain, so make sure that every meal you eat has vegetables in it to shift your ph to alkaline,’ says Kate McTaggart.

    3. ‘Leading up to the party season, increase your training and intensity. You want to push your body to the point where a period of rest and recovery would be beneficial to coincide with the festive season,’ says Kate McTaggart.
    4. ‘Start introducing certain foods into your daily nutrition that you wouldn’t normally eat regularly but that you will eat over the festive season, such as roast potatoes. Doing this will help your body learn to metabolise the food, and if it isn’t able to do this effectively, leaving you feeling bloated or retaining water, then stay away from these foods at Christmas,’ says Kate McTaggart.
    5. ‘Asparagus and artichoke hearts support the liver, so include some in your lunches or snack on them in the early evenings to prepare your body for boozy nights out,’ says nutritionist Vicki Edgson

    6. ‘Take a few drops of colloidal silver (available at health food shops) in a glass of water before and after parties. This will help to remove the toxins from your system and boost your immunity at this vulnerable time of year,’ says Vicki Edgson. 
    7. ‘Have a shot of aloe vera juice before going out to drinks parties, and again when you return home. It will help line your stomach,’ says Vicki Edgson.
    8. ‘Line your stomach with healthy snacks, including some almonds and an apple or almond nut butter on oatcakes,’ says nutritional therapist Dr Elisabeth Phillips of Hartwell Nutrition
    9. ‘If you are eating a meal before going out, include foods such as salmon or chicken with pasta, and avocado. Eating healthy fats slows the digestion process down, meaning that it will take longer for alcohol to be absorbed by your body,’ says Dr Elisabeth Phillips.
    10. ‘During the party season, remember that champagne, prosecco, and vodka with soda water and lime are better than calorie-laden cocktails or wine,’ says Dr Elisabeth Phillips.
    11. ‘Make sure that you drink plenty of water and herbal tea on the day of each party to hydrate your body,’ says Dr Elisabeth Phillips. 
    12. ‘Avoid caffeine after 3pm on the day of each party. Caffeine may pep you up but it places a strain on your liver, an organ that you need to keep in tip-top condition before a night of partying,’ says Dr Elisabeth Phillips. 
    13. ‘Get your detox system working before the party season by dry body brushing before you shower or have a bath. Dry body brushing moves lymph around your body, and this helps you detox before you start drinking,’ says Dr Elisabeth Phillips. 
    14. ‘Help your gut recover by taking a good quality mixed strain probiotic supplement for a few weeks over the party season. Taking a daily supplement helps support gut function before you’ve even started to party,’ says Dr Elisabeth Phillips.

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