Jennifer Lawrence Does Everything Wrong, So How Does She Get It Right?

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  • She takes the beauty rule book and throws it clean out the window. Weird thing is, it only makes us love her all the more.

    On every red carpet line-up, Jennifer Lawrence is the only one we’re looking for and we adore her in every single inch of Dior. However, when it comes to beauty, she’s like that gorgeous friend you have who makes all the mistakes but somehow still manages to look cooler than everyone else. Everything’s so wrong but turns out right, if you know what we mean?

    1. Wet look (or just plain greasy). Scraped back hair – a runway look that was mever meant to make it to the red carpet. We love it stomping down the catwalks at fashion week but no one’s crazy enough to team it with couture. Oh wait, she did.

    2. Those brows. While the rest of us are threading out, then painstakingly drawing our brows back in, continuing the quest for bold, handsome brows (we blame you Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne), J-Law’s don’t even match. We know brows are sisters, not twins but these guys aren’t even pen pals. So why do they look so good?

    3. She takes the no-makeup look literally. We all talk about the ‘no-makeup’ makeup but actually mean clever contouring and subtle concealing, no one really bares all. Zoom in all you like, you won’t see a trace of foundation. Not a dot of highlighter in sight and she’s still glowing like a beacon. Utterly gorgeous.

    4. She just hacked her hair clean off. It’s like she woke up one morning and thought, ‘Na, I’ll leave the hair thanks!’ The rest of us would have agonised over it for weeks, maybe tiptoed into a long bob and then inch by inch, snipped through the length stages. Not her, she just cut straight to it.

    5. The waterline scandal. Drawing liner on the inside of your lashline (aka the waterline) is what we all started doing at age twelve before we realised it makes eyes look small and piggy. She doesn’t entirely escape that but manages to look edgy and mean girl cool.

    6. The cardinal sin. The first rule of beauty? Never team full-on eyes with dark lips, but will she listen? Rust-tone, lipstick, glitter eyeshadow right to the brows, false lashes and a pair of giant, multicoloured earrings to boot. And she still won a Golden Globe!

    7. Then of course there’s this face… point made.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s utter genius explained in 8 clips…

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