This Powerful Video Ad Calls For A More Empowering Range Of Female Emojis

As we #BREAKFREE from gender in the ninth week of our campaign, we’ve noticed the lack of female emojis. Always sanitary towel brand are changing that with this new video ad and campaign to get emojis to represent all…

Remember the 2014 #Likeagirl

In an effort to stop emojis from disempowering young girls and limiting us to stereotypes, Always are calling on girls to share what emoji they would like to see represent them, using the hashtag #Likeagirl.

‘I want to see a female wrestler’ one girl put forward, whilst another wanted ‘a girl playing the drums’. ‘There should be a cop that’s a girl and a lawyer that’s a girl and a detective that’s a girl’ insisted one participant before her friend chimed in ‘and a super badass girl’.

Hats off to you Always, it’s not only one hell of an empowering campaign, but it also makes us want to buy your sanitary towels.

‘Let’s make emojis as unstoppable as the girls that they represent.’

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