Syrian women join the fight against Assad

The Free Syrian Army claims more women are joining their ranks

The Free Syrian Army claims that more women are joining the fight against President Assad.

Many of the women are either the wives or mothers of those killed in combat or Syrian women who were living abroad.

The women are referred to as the FSA’s ‘eyes and ears’ because of their unique ability to gather intelligence.

Sky news spoke to a female fighter on the Syria-Turkey border.

Thwaiba Kanafani left her home and children in Canada to carry out what she calls her ‘duty to the revolution’.

She says: ‘We have seen how much children are being slaughtered and killed and this is very unfair so I want to be part of those people who are trying to help them and protect them.’

The conflict has been raging since 2011, after public demonstrations during the Arab Spring.

The UN estimates almost 30,000 people have been killed in the Syrian Civil War.


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