Robot chefs run restaurant

New ‘I Robot’ restaurant in China employs robot chefs

A new restaurant in China serves meals cooked by the world’s first robot chefs.

The owner of ‘I Robot’, in Nanning, Guangxi province, purchased robots from a Chinese technology company for over £50,000.

Restaurant manager Huang Xianghao told the Wuzhou Daily that the robots can make a vast selection of traditional Chinese dishes within minutes.

‘We charge exactly the same price as other local restaurants, even though the robot chefs’ dishes probably taste better’, he said.

Hundreds of recipes are stored in the robots’ computer databases. The robots are programmed to move according to each specific recipe, leading to successful cooking.

The robots still need human help to chop vegetables and wash dishes, but Mr. Xianghao seems to prefer them to human employees: ‘Our robot chefs are more efficient and hygienic. And they don’t complain.’


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