New Egyptian TV studio staffed entirely by veiled women

Egypt has launched a TV channel which is run only by women wearing the veil

A new satellite news channel which only features women wearing the full Islamic veil has been launched in Egypt.

Maria TV will be broadcast for six hours a day on the al-Ummah channel, a religious station run by orthodox Salafi Islamists.

The channel is completely staffed by women, who work on scripting, camera work and presenting.

Female preacher El-Sheikha Safaa Refai, the head of Maria TV, says the channel shows how far the country had come since the Arab Spring.

She say: ‘I was told that it won’t work because of the body language. Well, the tone of my voice can convey my emotions and reactions.’

She also hopes that by going on TV in full Islamic veil she could show people ‘that there are successful women wearing niqab’.

Men are completely banned from the show, even on phone-ins.


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