Jennifer Aniston Describes How She Feels About Being Snubbed For An Oscar In The Best Way

She's number one-snubbed, but that's ok.

We’re sure Jennifer Aniston was disappointed when she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for her career-defining role in new movie Cake – she’s only human, right? But when asked how she felt about the Oscar snub, Jen being Jen, answered like a pro.

During a recent appearance on Ellen to promote said movie, her pal Ellen DeGeneres mentioned the Oscar diss. To which, Jen replied: ‘But I’m the number one-snubbed. That’s the silver lining, right?’ See who has been nominated for an Oscar.

Taking the snub on her beautiful chin, the actress went on to say that she was just so thrilled with how the film, which hasn’t even been released yet, has been received. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe, a SAG and a Critic’s Choice Award, after all (and these are all the reasons why we think she should have won

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