Proof Bette Midler Can Make ANYTHING Sound Beautiful As She Performs Kim Kardashian’s Tweets

It's a skill.

Ever wondered what Kim Kardashian’s tweets would sound like if performed by a living musical legend? Sure you have, you’re only human.

Jimmy Kimmel answered the all-important question by asking the fabulous Bette Midler, who is such a fan of the reality star she named one of her chickens Kim Kardashian (brilliant), to sing Kim’s most famous tweets live on his show.

It’s proof that Bette can make literally anything sound worthy of a Broadway show.

Watch below as she turns ‘I never thought I’d say this… but I’m wearing flats today,’ and ‘What colour is that dress? I see white and gold, Kanye sees black and blue. Who is colour blind?’ into ditties brimming with emotion.

All hail Bette Midler. And Kim K.

N.B. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel asked a group of a-listers to read out some mean tweets about themselves? Genius.

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