Anders Breivik declared sane and given 21 years in prison

Norwegian right-wing killer jailed for 21 years for murder of 77 people

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has been found sane and sentenced to 21 years in jail.

He admitted to killing 77 and wounding 240 others after he bombed government buildings in the centre of Oslo then shot at members of a youth camp on Utoeya island on July 22 last year.

Although prosecutors had called for him to be considered insane, the right-wing fanatic refused to plead guilty, insisting he was sane and his attacks were necessary to prevent the ‘Islamisation of Norway’.

The five judges in the case all ruled he was sane and convicted him of terrorism and premeditated murder.

Breivik smiled and gave a right-wing salute upon hearing the verdict.

He will serve his sentence at Oslo’s high-security Ila Prison, where he has been in isolation for the majority of time since his arrest.


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