Women lose their waists and put an end to hourglass figures

The hourglass figure has disappeared as women's waists increase

Women’s figures have changed so dramatically in the last fifty years that the once common hourglass shape has now almost disappeared.

Since 1951 women’s waists have spread by an average of 7″, from 27-34″. Though bust and hip measurements have also increased, these are by a less dramatic 2″ for each. This means that the hourglass figure made famous by fifties stars such as Marilyn Monroe has become rare, as women have lost their small waists.

The survey conducted by University College London looked at the figures of 9000 men and women. Men were also shown to have expanded over the last fifty years, and have added a 7″ average onto their waists.

The changing shape of the nation has been blamed on a more calorie rich diet with too many carbs and alcohol, and an increasingly inactive lifestyle.

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