Rise in two-day hangovers for stressed workers

Stressed workers are suffering from extended hangovers as a result of drinking binges

Stressed out employees are suffering from long-lasting hangovers due to drinking sprees beginning on Thursday night and ending on Sunday evening.

Cortisol, the hormone in charge of our bodies’ ability to combat stress, decreases after alcohol consumption, leaving drinkers with two-day hangovers lasting until Tuesday afternoons.

Cheaper wines and spirits are a contributing factor as less care is taken in the production of some such drinks.

‘Poor filtering of various ethanal compounds detracts from the overall quality of the beverage,’ says James Schaefer, research professor at Union College, New York.

‘Higher levels of these compounds and other junk are more difficult for the body to break down, so an extreme, longer, hangover is more likely to ensue.’

Drinkers are advised to choose superior spirits and steer clear of red wine, which contains more chemical compounds compared to white wine.


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