5 Documentaries To Make You Rethink Ageing

As part of our #BREAKFREE from ageism week, we’ve rounded up some seriously cool documentaries with older stars


Advanced Style: The Documentary

The 82-Year-Old Skydiver

My Love, Don’t Cross That River


These hips don’t lie. The film introduces us to the over-60s dance group Hip-Hoperation, whose name is a pun on the phrase ‘hip operation’ – see what they did there? As the New-Zealand street-dance group – yes, you read that right – travel around the world to perform in amazing places, these flexible grandmas and grandpas ranging from age 66 to 96 show us that you’re never too old to have fun. With some of the members battling with ailments, and bodily injuries, their continuance to get on stage and stay active is seriously inspiring.

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