WATCH: Get The Now Brow

Here's how you should be enhancing your brows now...

Here's how you should be enhancing your brows now...

We need to address the brow thing. Don’t worry - all that painstaking regrowth isn’t about to become completely and utterly pointless; the fuller brow isn’t going anywhere. The sands have merely shifted, you see - the brow is still full, but now it's also soft. It’s about subtle enhancing and filling. It’s about finding your natural arch and emphasising it. It’s absolutely not about sharp edges or terrifying slugs or hair-coloured blocks drawn on the skin. And, trust us, it’s seriously face flattering. If you’re looking for model inspiration, think more Clara Paget, less Cara Delevingne.

Sold? We thought so. Watch the video we’ve made with Smashbox for a step-by-step guide on getting the Now Brow, and up your brow game in general with these tips:

1) Moisturise. Imagine if you’d never conditioned your hair: would it look healthy and glossy? Our point exactly. We like to make things easy by spreading a touch of the coconut oil we have on our shelf on ours twice weekly (a tip we got from the clever ladies at Blink Brow Bar), but have been reliably informed that almond oil is the thing to speed regrowth if you’ve over-plucked.

2) Brush them. Again: think head hair - this doesn’t seem quite so weird when you consider that brushing hair helps to distribute natural oils and therefore condition the entire shaft, does it? Also, brushing encourages circulation which speeds up growth. We keep a toothbrush for this purpose and run it through our brows before bed. Top tip: keep the brush for your teeth and brows separate to avoid unspeakable mix ups from happening.

3) Go professional. If discriminate plucking isn’t your thing, just put your brows in the hands of an expert. We love Blink Brow BarsShavata Brow Studio and Vaishaly for a speedy, eye-opening groom. 

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