Our skin SOS for dehydrated, weather-beaten skin

Our edit of the products that’ll nurture your skin back to health…

Our edit of the products that’ll nurture your skin back to health…

Fed up of having aggravated skin as a result of air con, central heating and harsh weather conditions? We feel you, we really do. We too have had all the classic signs of skin that’s been attacked by environmental stress from blotchy patches (often occurring in sensitive areas such as under the eye), sensitivity to make-up and creams, and a general feeling of soreness and tightness across our faces. The answer? Give your skin – and system - a bit of TLC.

Start by resigning yourself to being a bit of a hermit in the name of good skin: skip that dinner party and go home and pamper yourself. Start with a gentle cleanse with a creamy cleanser (we love Decléor Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk, £20) and then use a pH balancing cleanser like Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, £25, to help restore a ruffled barrier.

Follow this by patting BRYT Boost Serum, £20, gently over the face and neck by dabbing lightly with fingertips while skin is still a little damp from toner. This serum is really light and nourishing so just the trick for sensitive skin - we found that after applying at night over the space of a few days it reduced the number of sore blotchy patches.

On really angry bits, go a step further and apply a protective balm such as Balance Me Stellar Beauty Balm, £18. It’s a touch thick so warm a bit in the palm of your hand and dab over the skin before heading back out into the brutal cold winds. Job done.

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