How To Apply Eyeliner: A Simple Video Tutorial To Make It Super-Easy

Want to know how to achieve the perfect eyeliner flick? Your wish is our command...

Want to know how to achieve the perfect eyeliner flick? Your wish is our command...

Need even more help? Get a hand from make-up artist Caroline Barnes

1. Start by using a little foundation and powder over the lids to create a smooth, even base which will help the product glide easier over the skin. When it comes to creating the perfect eyeliner look, the key is to get the pigment as close to your lashes as possible as there should be no gaps of skin between the root of the lashes and the lid.

2. Use a soft kohl pencil to faintly trace the initial shape making sure you sharpen your pencil first for pin-point precision. This will act as the perfect template.

3. Stretch your eyelid outwards and upwards and point the brush (if you’re using a gel eyeliner) or nib of the eyeliner pen right into the bed of your lashes, rather than going for a single stroke of product across the eye. This will create a really fine line which you can then add width to once you have established the shape you want.

Found that helpful? Here are 4 simple beauty how tos...

4. Don't worry about matching the eyeliner exactly – it’s all about creating a line that flatters your eye shape as your eyes are sisters rather than twins so you’ll never get a perfect match. As long as you make sure the length is the same, nobody will notice.

5. Keep the line thin on the inner corners of your eyes and increase the width as you go as this is far more flattering. It’s also worth remembering that the smaller the lid, the finer your line should be whilst big, wide eyes can carry thicker lines.

6. Use a second mirror to see how the liner looks from the side, (or take a selfie!) as checking your profile can really help you get the best shape.

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