Kate Middleton may not attend Royal Ascot this week for a very surprising reason

It is not what you think...

kate middleton ascot
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It is not what you think...

Prince William and Kate Middleton are yet to make a Royal Ascot appearance this week, with the pair usually known to be Ascot regulars.

In fact, one of the most highly anticipated moments of the horse races tends to be the Duchess of Cambridge's outfits, with the Kate Middleton effect ensuring her looks sell out in minutes.

The Cambridge couple missed the first day of the horse races in order to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire this week. 

In the meantime, Prince Charles and Camilla made a royal appearance and joined in on the Ascot fun. And Princess Beatrice made an epic Ascot appearance, wearing a stunning floral dress (FYI it's on sale).

It wasn't these royals that made the most headlines however, but Kate Middleton, with fans eager to know whether we will see an appearance from the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sadly it looks like Kate might be forced to miss the Ascot celebrations and for the most surprising reason.

It is not that Kate doesn’t want to join in with the family fun. In fact, The Duchess is actually allergic to horses.

Kate Middleton's allergy

A Royal title and horse allergy is not the dream combination for a royal. In fact, from polo matches to horse drawn carriages, a horse allergy can be problematic.

This is something that the Duchess opened up about when asked why she will not play polo with her husband.

 "I'm actually allergic to [horses], but the more time one spends with them the less allergic you become'," she explained at the time.

While we are yet to see her ride a horse, Kate does usually attend Royal Ascot, despite her allergies!

We're crossing our fingers that the Duchess may still make an appearance - if only for the outfit inspo.

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