Picture released of Madeleine McCann suspect

Is this the man who snatched Madeleine McCann?

AN ARTIST’S IMPRESSION was released yesterday of a man suspected to have snatched Madeleine McCann. The picture was created from information given by witness Jane Tanner concerning a man she saw carrying a child on the night Madeleine disappeared.

The suspect is believed to be 35 to 40 years old, around 5ft 9ins, has parted dark hair and was wearing a dark jacket, beige trousers and dark shoes.

Miss Tanner was a member of the group dining with the McCanns’ on the night their daughter went missing. She recalled seeing a man at around 9.15pm coming from the direction of the McCanns’ apartment and carrying something in his arms. She thought nothing of the incident until 45 minutes later, when Mrs McCann discovered that Madeleine had disappeared.

The image has been commissioned by the McCanns, to coincide with their interview on Spanish television, and the launch of the 24-hour phone line for any information on Madeleine.

The couple have made it clear that they are unhappy with the investigation the Portuguese police have conducted, and their reluctance to release details of Miss Tanner’s sighting.

Gerry McCann yesterday commented on the image, ‘This could have been someone who could have been picking up a child from a creche or coming back from dinner. But we are certainly suspicious of the timing and that person needs to be eliminated from the investigation.’

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