Born in the Wrong Body: Inspiring Student Documents His Transgender Journey

Three years. 1,400 snaps later and 21-year-old Jamie Raines has finally achieved the male characteristics he’s always wanted.

In recent times we’ve seen the likes of Caitlyn Jenner shine a light on society’s flaws, giving a public voice to the transgender community. However it’s stories like 21-year old psychology student Jamie Raines that we should be paying attention to as well.
especially worry about is opening up to their family and friends. Luckily Jamie had great support from both his parents.

‘My parents and brother have been amazing since the beginning and I’m very grateful to them for all their support,’ he says. ‘I told my mum first just after turning 17 and she helped me tell my Dad and brother. She said that it made a lot of sense because of how I had dressed and acted when I was younger.’

As well as support from his family, Jamie also had his girlfriend Shaaba to turn to. The pair first met at college when they were 16. What started off as friendship blossomed into love – although when Jamie first told Shaaba that he was transgender she had no idea what that meant.

Jamie graduated over the summer and is now doing a masters in psychology, with plans to start a PhD next year. He’s undergone on a massive journey these past three years, and he can finally start living the life he’s always wanted.

You can watch Jamie, as well as other transgender teens take part in Channel 4’s Born in The Wrong Body season starting with Girls to Men on Tuesday, 13th October.

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