Confessions Of An Over-Thinker

From analysing why you've been de-friended on Facebook, to fretting about whether to put a kiss on an email to your boss, if you over-think EVERY. LITTLE. THING. you could be a binge-thinker. See if the below sounds familiar…

If a friend who’s a prolific ‘liker’ of your pictures on Facebook doesn’t like your most recent picture you’re automatically convinced you’ve upset them and start raking through your mind for things you’ve done wrong.

You don’t have to text us back straight away, but if you don’t we’re probably conjuring up a million scenarios in our mind about why you haven’t. We promise we’re not neurotic we just think. A LOT.

Writing an email takes an eternity. We write them, decide someone could misinterpret the tone, so delete it, rewrite it, then decide it comes across as too frivolous, delete it again. Exhausting no?

Even once an email is sent, we obviously re-read it at least three times. Never mind the fact there’s nothing you can do about it on account of the fact its in the SENT folder.

Don’t get us started on whether to include a kiss on an email/text/Facebook comment. That sends us into a whole new spectrum of over-thought.

We’re really sorry. No really, we’re really, really sorry. Even if you don’t accept our apology, rest-assured after 24 hours of constant analysis of our fight, we’ve definitely decided that we’re in the wrong.

Sleep is overrated. For binge-thinkers lying silently in the dark trying not to let our thoughts run away with us is tantamount to a form of torture.

If someone unfollows us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram we make it our life mission to find out who it is and why they’ve unfollowed us.

Night out drinking? Be prepared for the attack of the hangover guilts! Why did we say that to her, was she offended we left her to be last in the cab? What were we thinking doing that to him! We’re never drinking again!

Dr Google is our best friend. A headache? Of course we’ve been suffering from a brain tumour, why didn’t we realise sooner?

We love binge-watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad et al, if only because they give us a much-needed break from our own thoughts.

Never say ‘see you soon’ to an over-thinker. We automatically wonder how soon is soon? Soon, soon, next month soon or actually was that just a complete brush off? Gah!

Any kind of book or film ending that is open to interpretation is our worst nightmare. Cue hours of unnecessary analysis and scrolling Twitter until you can gage some sort of consensus.

Choosing your morning coffee is beyond stressful. Should we have a skinny caramel latte or a mocha with extra cream? If we have caffeine before 10am will that stop us sleeping tonight? How long does caffeine stay in the body anyway? This is all just to buy a coffee for heaven’s sake. Can you imagine what choosing a three course meal does to us?

We can never, ever go shopping on our own. No second opinion? No purchases. Simples.

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