Let’s Talk About The New Veet Advert, Shall We?

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  • Social media has been buzzing over the latest Veet advert. Some good, but mostly bad. What's your verdict?

    The new Veet advert has quickly gone viral. But while it’s getting loads
    @hvfitzpatrick: ‘Absolutely appalled by the new ‘Don’t risk Dudeness’ Veet USA adverts. Disgusting body shaming and pointless gender stereotyping #VeetAd’

    @HedstromJenny: ‘What a foul ad. homophobic AND sexist AND transphobic. #Veet should go out of business.’

    @finestimaginary: ‘Thanks so much for the heads up #veet, I had no idea I turned into a ‘dude’ when I went even a day without shaving my legs. That’s me told!’

    @MarthaPlimpton: ‘Quite possibly THE MOST OFFENSIVE ad campaign currently on. Adult human beings have hair. Deal.’

    @BunnyDamour: ‘Well, I won’t be buying #veet products after that commercial. Shaving my legs is my choice and not doing so does not make me manly.’

    But it wasn’t just women who took offence to the advert. The top comment on the Veet Facebook page comes from a man – and it has more than 400 likes.

    ‘As a guy who likes to spend time with and have relationships with women who don’t hate their bodies, or feel the unhappy desire to be something they aren’t, let me add my voice to this,’ Tom Butterworth wrote. ‘You’ve made a really bad choice with this campaign. You’re telling women it’s bad to be hairy because that makes them more like men – so actually you’re doing a pretty good job of insulting both genders…’

    It’s definitely sparked a serious gender equality and sexism debate – but we’ve got to hand it to this particular tweeter, who used her sense of humour to make her point.

    Twitter user @annaleszkie posted this cheeky picture with the caption: ‘Brb just gotta undude myself in case i ever make contact w a male.’

    So now we want to know what you think. Comment below or tweet us @MarieClaireUK to share your opinions.

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