You can find out a lot about your dog's personality by how he or she sleeps

Is it a 'Superman Pup' or a 'Crazy Legs'?

dog sleeping
dog sleeping
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Is it a 'Superman Pup' or a 'Crazy Legs'?

It's a universal truth that what our dogs lack in conversation, they make up for with their personalities.

'She's really friendly,' we'll tell other dog owners in the park as their pets wander over curiously. 'Don't let him have that ball, you'll never get it back,' we warn, 'give her some cheese, she loves cheese.' We know the basics, but what if there was another way we could find out more about our much-loved pooches' character traits?

Well according to, it can be as simple as looking at how they sleep.

This guide posted on the lifestyle site shows the six most common sleeping positions and what they say about our dogs, from the 'Superman Pup', to the 'Snuggly Fox'.

Is your dog an indoor or an outdoor pup? Does it have an independent streak, or is it a little more reserved? Match your dog's most common sleeping positions up and find out a thing or two about it's personality...

1. The Side Sleeper


If your dog sleeps on one side, it's chilled out and totally comfortable in its surroundings. Your dog is also *not* high maintenance, apparently.

And, it means it trusts you, which gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling.

2. The Snuggly Fox


This one is pretty common for dogs, and it shows that they're gentle, easy-going, and have a 'naturally sweet disposition.'

It's also a way for your dog to preserve its natural body heat and is the most protective position of the lot.

3. The Superman Pup


If your dog takes up this hilarious Superman-style position up when it's sleeping, it means it is highly energetic and easily motivated as the spread out position means it can jump up at a moment's notice.

We wish our dogs slept like this.

4. The Crazy Legs


If your dog sleeps like this, not only is it kind of crazy (in the best way possible), it means it's completely comfortable in its surroundings. You won't catch a wolf in the wild sleeping like this as it's constantly under threat.

Makes sense.

5. The Tummy Curl


Pooches who sleep like this might not be as relaxed since the muscles are still too tense to enable them to drift into a deep sleep.

Hey, this doesn't necessarily mean your dog isn't relaxed in life, though. Dogs who sleep like this are sometimes the most adventurous of all.

6. The Passed Out


If your dog sleeps with it's legs up in the air, it means it's highly confident in itself, and also tends to be very adaptable to different and new situations.

In addition, it means it's really happy and secure. N'aaw. It also bears a close resemblance to our drunk dad on the sofa after a family party, so that's fun.

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