The World's Healthiest Countries Have Been Revealed - And You Won't Believe Where The UK Is Ranked

Hint: It's not No. 1


Hint: It's not No. 1

The world's most healthy countries have been revealed - and the UK doesn't even scrape into the top 20.

According to official Bloomberg rankings using data from the UN, the World Bank and the World Health Organisation, Singapore is the world's healthiest country, closely followed by Italy and Australia.

The health score was calculated based on factors like life expectancy, causes of death and whether people smoke or have a high cholesterol, as well as taking into account their vaccinations and immunisations.

There were no North or South American countries in the top 20, while the UK was at number 21, behind Belgium, Ireland and Norway.

The least healthy countries in the world were mainly African, with Swaziland, Lesotho and Democratic Republic of Congo the bottom three.

Curious? Here are the official tables...

The healthiest countries in the world:

1. Singapore 2. Italy 3. Australia 4. Switzerland 5. Japan 6. Israel 7. Spain 8. Netherlands 9. Sweden 10. Germany

The least healthy countries in the world:

1. Swaziland 2. Lesotho 3. Democratic Republic of Congo 4. Chad 5. Mozambique 6. Burundi 7. Malawi 8. Angola 9. Uganda 10. Cameroon

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