#WomenInTheWorld Conference: The Power Of A Selfie

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  • Are selfies moving us forward - or holding us back? Nina Nesbitt, Dr Susie Orbach, Terri Senft and Chantelle Winnie debate...

    Many of us are guilty of portraying a more perfect version of ourselves online, but this can really impact body confidence as we strive to become our best ‘digital selves’.

    Speaking at the Women In The World conference, Nina Nesbitt says she wrote her song Selfie because, ‘I noticed more and more, people were using social media to get assurance.’

    But it’s good to kind of put that real self out there; it’s not always amazing and there’s challenges with everything.’

    Dr Susie Orbach, co founder of The Women’s Therapy Centre and The Women’s Therapy Institute says mums can be the important influence in a girls life. ‘Everything they do represents the possibilities for that girl. Every time she looks in the mirror and goes ‘ugh’, that’s what the girl sees. Mums can make a contribution that is so positive.’

    Meanwhile, masters teacher at NYU Terri Senft says a lot of selfies have that same perfect look on social media, but that’s just the ones that get posted.

    ‘There’s the photo, there’s the editing, there’s the upload, and then there’s the decision of who’s going to see that upload.’

    Supermodel Chantelle Winnie says that she never thought of her differences as a bad thing (due to her vitiligo) and believes it has a lot to do with a lack of social media.

    The photos she posts on social media are incredibly popular, but she still faces a lot of difficulties in her career.

    ‘There’s still companies who don’t see me as a model, they see me as that girl with the skin condition.’

    To other young girls out there she says, ‘Focus on your opinion of yourself rather than the opinions of others.

    ‘Because where did I get the idea that I wasn’t beautiful? From someone else.’

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