Great News! We'll Get Equal Pay In 118 Years


Women Office Pay Gap 118 Years
Women Office Pay Gap 118 Years


Here is some incredibly depressing news to take you to the weekend: the gender pay gap has made hardly any progress since the economic crisis in 2008 - and it will take 118 years until women can expect to earn the same as men, according to the World Economic Forum.

Women's pay is lagging a decade behind - so what we're paid now, on average, is the same as what a man would have been paid in 2006, reports The Guardian.

The research also showed that though political policies may be improving, workplaces still organise the working day around stereotypes of women being mothers and caregivers, and men being the main breadwinner.

The report also showed which countries are coming out top in the drive to closer the gender pay gap. Iceland, Norway and Finland were leading the way, with the UK only making it to number 18, and the US lagging behind at 28th.

According to Willem Adema, senior economist for the OECD, the lack of progress will have a negative effect on businesses.


the same with all sorts of discrimination, whether it’s of a sexual

orientation or whatever,' Adema said. 'If discrimination means people

not pursuing individual aspirations to the full … the economy loses out

on a lot of talent.'

Well, unless life expectancy suddenly improves massively - and we suspect we're not going to make it for 118 more years - something had better change around here.

Here's what Hollywood stars have to say about the gender pay gap...

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