These Women Are Actually AGAINST Feminism, But Why?

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  • Not all women are feminists.

    The definition of feminism is this: ‘The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.’ Now, who wouldn’t want to support a belief like that, apart from, of course, misogynists?

    Well, there is actually a group of women who don’t support feminism, apparently.

    Women Against Feminism is a Tumblr page and Facebook group that’s so far amassed 4,355 ‘likes’.

    According to the blurb on the Tumblr page, the Women Against Feminism group has come about due to some of the following reasons and beliefs:

    1. Equal rights already exist
    2. Feminism is about censorship
    3. Feminism promotes the idea that women are fragile damsels-in-distress
    4. Feminism discriminates against men
    5. The idea that a patriarchy exists is a fantasy
    6. It’s your choice whether you have equal pay or not
    7. Feminists exaggerate rape statistics
    8. Feminism is about policing other women

    So, there you have it: some pretty strong and controversial opinions. But women are starting to get on board with the idea (sure, the page only has 4,355 ‘likes’, but that’s increased by 1,000 in just the last few hours).

    As part of the Facebook group women are invited to post photos of themselves holding signs stating their reasons for being against feminism. Here are a few:

    We would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you think these women have a point, or are you confused by their beliefs? Let us know in the comment box below.

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