Saudi Arabian Woman Divorces Her Husband Because He’s Too Short

Woman in Saudi Arabia separated from her husband because he's shorter than her

Woman divorces husband for being too short
Woman divorces husband for being too short
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Woman in Saudi Arabia separated from her husband because he's shorter than her

A woman in Saudi Arabia has divorced her husband because he’s so short she is embarrassed to be seen with him in public.

The unnamed woman in her 20s was married to her vertically-challenged partner for seven months but claimed she could no longer take the shameful looks and shocked reactions from strangers when they appeared in public together.

She applied for the separation in Saudi’s Eastern Province of Al Qatif stating that being so much taller than her husband made her feel “painfully uneasy and distressingly uncomfortable”, according to Gulf News.

While a divorce might seem a bit harsh, people on social media have pointed out that this isn’t the kind of thing that can be fixed with a bit of marriage counselling or a trip to Ann Summers.

The news comes as a new study confirms that taller men tend to do better with the ladies.

A research team polled 60,058 heterosexual men and women, asking them their height, weight and number of sexual partners.

They found that tall men, on average, claimed to have slept with seven women while short men had only slept with five.

‘These findings confirm that height is relevant on the mating market,’ said Dr David Frederick, a psychology professor at Chapman University in the US.

‘Research has repeatedly shown than women prefer men who are relatively taller than they are.

‘It is possible that for most women there is a certain minimal threshold of height, after which they will consider a male as a potential sex partner, and thus men above that height will end up with similar numbers of sex partners.’

Do you think height matters?

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