Why We Want To #BREAKFREE From Fear

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  • It's the eighth week of our #BREAKFREE campaign - and we're tackling the fear of failure and finding the true meaning of bravery, with the help of our ambassador, Laura Jane Williams.

    ‘There’s something about female fear that is laced with the need for permission. Maybe it’s the way we socialise, how we’re raised, or biology – we’re looking for a pat on the back, or for somebody to reassure us we’re doing the right thing. But being brave isn’t about succeeding at everything. Putting yourself out there in the first place, then owning your mistakes, that’s brave. I used to think somebody else had the answers, like I was the only person who didn’t get the cheat sheet. But the sheet doesn’t exist. We’re all heading to the same place, so we may as well have as much fun as possible along the way.’

Laura Jane Williams, 29, is the author of The Book of Brave, an unconventional self-help book on courage.

    The fear of failure affects everyone, and often prevents us from accomplishing what we really want to do. Whether it’s about putting ourselves forward for an opportunity or standing up for what we believe in, fear often holds us back and makes us doubt our abilities.

    Laura doesn’t pretend to have the answers – but what she does offer (by the bucketload) is reassurance. Her mantra is ‘none of us are fucking up like we think we are’, and the Book of Brave emphasises the fact that everybody counts, everybody is important and everybody deserves a voice.  

    That’s why this week we’re calling on you to #BREAKFREE from fear. We’re asking you to believe in yourselves and each other, to take a deep breath and just go for it. We’re asking you to stop seeking reassurance from others and to stop relying on their praise to validate your success. We’re asking you to stand out from the crowd and make your voice heard.


Find out more about the #BREAKFREE campaign here.

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