Women prefer handymen to hunks

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  • When it comes to picking the perfect partner, do women go for brains, brawn, or big bucks? A new nationwide survey finds out...

    It’s the question that has plagued men for centuries: What do women really want in a man? Well, the puzzle may have just been solved thanks to new research. And the results aren’t what you’d expect.

    The nationwide survey, carried out by Duracell, has revealed that women would much rather live with a tradesman than a lawyer, banker or civil servant.

    Almost two thirds of women prefer ‘handy men’ and a shocking 34% admit that they are likely to stray for a man who knows his way around a toolbox.

    Shockingly, in the fictional character showdown, Bob the Builder managed to beat both James Bond and the Diet Coke Man. The lovable handyman scored a massive 41% of votes, compared with the 007’s 24% and the steamy delivery guy’s mere 11%.

    However Daniel Craig emerged as the male celebrity that women would like to put up their shelves, restoring our faith in surveys.

    ‘The results highlight that tradesmen really are the backbone of Britain,’ says Mark Pataky, from Duracell. ‘British women love a man who is practical around the house.’

    So what do you look for in a man? Would you prefer a skilled handyman to a rippling hunk? Let us know in the comments box below.


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