The Actual Price We Pay (In Pounds Sterling) For A Happy Marriage

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  • The true cost of wedded bliss

    So we already know that weddings can break the bank – but once you’ve had the big fiesta, celebrated with all your friends, and then partied à deux somewhere far flung you still have the rest of your lives ahead. And according to new research, maintaining that honeymoon high long-term is going to cost you lots of cold hard cash.

    The study, conducted this month for Quidco polled 2000 people in relationships, and claim the true cost of a happy marriage is an eye-watering £267,357 – that’s not including somewhere to live or any other actual necessities, just marriage-massaging things like clothes for ‘date night’.

    Those quizzed, who reported the happiest marriages, said a dream wedding and honeymoon was important in order to ‘lay the foundations’ of their wedded bliss. The average cost? £21,257.

    And, to reiterate, that’s just the beginning. The there’s the cost of romantic nights out, romantic nights in, mini breaks, presents, beauty treatments, ‘just because’ surprises etc etc that ramp up the total spend.

    Here’s the break down (deep breath):


    Wedding and honeymoon – £21,257
    Regular date nights (per year) – £1,404
    Cosy nights in (per year) – £558
    Gifts/surprises (per year) – £305
    Jewellery (per year) – £477
    Underwear (per year) – £104
    Shoes/clothes (per year) – £163
    Weekends away (per year) – £647
    Holidays (per year) – £1,690

    These are average figures based on Office For National Statistics data that has found the average Brit gets married at 35-years-old and is expected to live until 81, so the average happy marriage (free from divorce or separation) would last 46 years.

    If you think about it, if everything works out swimmingly it’s money very well spent, a grand investment even. If it doesn’t, it’s a harder pill to swallow.

    Thankfully the study also acknowledged that it’s not just spending money that makes a marriage thrive, saying ‘I love you’ was seen as essential. On average, happy couples reported declaring their adoration with those words 16 times a month.

    82% of the people polled also acknowledged that a happy marriage takes a lot of work – compromise and negotiation – and that both partners must be willing to put in equal time and effort. We all know there are many things a bunch of flowers won’t fix, even if they’re the really pricey, pretty kind.

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