Your Tampon Tax Will Now Be Used ‘To Fund Women’s Charities’

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  • But shouldn't men be contributing towards women's charities too?

    In the Budget yesterday, George Osborne announced that the £15m of money raised by tampon tax will be spent directly on charities that help women.

    Because tampons and sanitary towels are thought to be a ‘non-essential luxury’ item, they are taxed at 5%, a fact that has women all over the country unimpressed.

    After all, it’s hardly as if tampons are a lovely cashmere coat or snazzy pair of sunglasses – we need them, every month, and there’s no alternative. These are not luxury items – but they’re classed as luxury alongside things like edible cake decorations and kangaroo steak. Seriously.

    Osborne said that EU law meant the tax could not be axed – but said the government was committed to getting the EU rules changed, and promised to spent the £15m on women’s health and support charities.

    ‘We already charge the lowest 5% rate allowable under European law and we’re committed to getting the EU rules changed,’ he said.

    Women across the country voiced their disappointment at the statement, pointing out that we shouldn’t be taxed for reproductive functions we can’t avoid – and that men should also be contributing towards women’s charities.

    One Twitter user wrote: ‘Personally, I’d like to choose what my period pays for’, while another said ‘Well done ladies – now you can support good causes every month simply by bleeding!’

    While we’re glad the government do want to donate to important women’s charities, such as Eve Appeal, The Haven, Women’s Aid and Safe Lives, should we really be taxed for something natural, which we can’t control – and which is definitely not in any way a luxury item?

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