The tampon tax is actually funding an anti-abortion charity

Just - wow.

tampon tax
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Just - wow.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Remember that time when women had enough of paying tax on their tampons? The great tampon tax war of 2016 raged on as we refused to accept that having a period and using necessary sanitary items was a luxury.

As much as we love a good toasted pitta, and as much as men's hygiene is important, it wasn't okay that bread pockets and face razors were free of VAT while our 'luxurious' tampons weren't.

Pressure mounted on the government to scrap the tax completely, but they decided not to. Instead, they insisted that they would put the money raised from the tax towards women's charities. It wasn't the result that many hoped for (shouldn't men be contributing towards women's charities too?) but at least the money would be used to support vulnerable women - right?

Well. It has now come to light that those charities the government is supporting with the tax may not be as female friendly as we initially thought.

According to reports, £250,000 of the tax is going to an anti-abortion charity. Many people were led to believe that the money would be supporting campaigns that help vulnerable women, and are outraged that their money is going to a charity that actively attempts to remove a woman's choice when it comes to terminating or continuing their pregnancy.

If a woman decides to have an abortion, that is her choice. If she decides not to have an abortion, that is also her choice. Should the tampon tax really be going to those who advocate removing that choice?

Among the infuriated British public, many MPs stepped in to voice their concerns over the issue to show that they, too, are appalled by the government's decision.

Now every time a woman buys tampons they are inadvertently supporting a charity that removes a woman's right to choose and be in control of her own body - is that really fair?

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