Nicola Sturgeon announces her resignation as Scotland's First Minister

"In my head and in my heart, I know the time is now."

Nicola Sturgeon
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Nicola Sturgeon has announced her resignation as Scotland’s First Minister, stepping down from her post after eight years. 

“My decision comes from a place of duty and love,” Sturgeon, 52, explained at a press conference in Edinburgh this morning, telling journalists that being Scotland’s First Minister has been the privilege of her life. 

“I've been Nicola Sturgeon the politician all my life,” she announced during the press conference in her official residence, Bute House. “Maybe I want to spend a bit of time on Nicola Sturgeon the human being. Does that sound selfish? I hope it doesn't.

“I'm not expecting violins here but I am a human being as well as a politician,” Sturgeon explained of the pressures that come with the role of First Minister.  "Giving absolutely everything of yourself to this job is the only way to do it.

“Of course I've got regrets about all sorts of things, [but] I'm proud of my time as first minister,” she continued. 

"I could go on for another few months, six months, a year maybe, but I know as time passed, I would have less and less energy to give to the job," she admitted. “I owe it to the country to say it now."

Sturgeon concluded the announcement of her resignation by thanking her husband and family, who she described as “[her] rock throughout.” And finally, to the people of Scotland, she stated: “Please know that being your First Minister has been the privilege of my life”.

Nicola Sturgeon will remain in office until her successor is chosen and elected by the Scottish National Party. 

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