Donald Trump's Halloween-themed airplane meal on the Presidential jet is going viral

Because the President isn't frightful enough...


Because the President isn't frightful enough...

Words by Olivia Adams 

Halloween is almost here – and if you feel like making your Thursday evening meal on the 31st a little spookier, President Trump can help. No, really.

A traditional pumpkin face was carved into the controversial leader’s stuffed orange pepper on Monday, but we have to admit, it’s not the fine-dining experience we would have expected to be served on the Presidential aircraft.

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Tessa Berenson, the White House Correspondent for TIME Magazine, uploaded the limp-lettuce snap to Twitter and captioned it, 'The wonderful chefs aboard AF1 were full of the Halloween spirit today with the presentation of these stuffed peppers. Trick or treat!'

But we have questions: what is the flesh-coloured object in the top left hand corner? Twitter users pitched everything from a crispy apple pie to an overcooked chicken breast. Also, why is the salad so sad looking?

One Twitter user even compared the pepper to Donald Trump himself, writing, 'Pretty good likeness of the president to be fair.' Ouch.

The President was on his way to Chicago, where perhaps unsurprisingly, his disparaging remarks about the Windy City caused controversy. In particular, Mr Trump called the city a haven for criminals that is 'embarrassing to us as a nation'.

With this in mind, while we commend the on-board chefs of Air Force One for their creativity, we’re not sure the haunted Halloween meal was necessary - President Trump often leaves us all spooked.

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