Police arrest man on suspicion of murdering Jo Yeates

A 32-year-old man was arrested this morning, police have confirmed

Jo Yeates
Jo Yeates
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A 32-year-old man was arrested this morning, police have confirmed

A 32-year-old man has been arrested this morning on suspicion of murdering Joanna Yeates.

Avon and Somerset police confirmed that the suspect has been taken into custody after officers approached him 'early this morning'.

DCI Phil Jones, the senior investigating officer, stated: 'I would like to thank the public for their continued support for the investigation and the information they have provided to us.'

'I would also like to pay tribute to Jo's family and to Greg who continue to be unfailing in their support to me and my team at what is an incredibly difficult and painful time for them' he added.

Jo's father, David Yeates, later commented from his home in Hampshire, saying: 'Both Teresa and I are very pleased an arrest has been made and the investigation is moving forward. Police informed us this morning before they made the announcement about the arrest and other than that we do not know much more.

'We are optimistic about the progress, but we have not been told the name of the person who has been arrested' he added.

The name of the suspect is reportedly nto being released due to worries concerning media coverage.

The 25-year-old landscape architect was last seen on 17th December, after leaving drinks with work colleagues. She was reported missing when her boyfriend returned from a trip on the 19th, and her body later discovered on Christmas Day.

Fresh breakthroughs have reportedly been made in the case after a reconstruction of Jo's final movements was filmed for Crimewatch – due to be aired next week. Although the show is yet to be televised, police reportedly received over 300 calls from the public, as a result of the recreation.


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