One in eight women admit to returning used clothes

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  • One in eight women admit to returning expensive clothes after a night out, says a survey conducted by, although the real number could be much higher.

    One in eight women admit to returning clothes after they have already worn them and the real number could be even higher.

    The survey, conducted by, questioned 2000 women and found that one in eight admitted to purchasing expensive clothing and returning it after already wearing the items.

    The most guilty culprits were 18-24 year olds, of whom 16% admitted to returning worn clothes, next to 25-31 year olds with14% owning up.

    What was even more shocking was the condition that the clothes were left in: 7% of those who returned clothes admitted to having thrown up on the item, whilst 6% said they had spilled drinks.

    Half of the offenders said they were motivated by money, whilst 18% said they enjoyed the ‘buzz’.

    A spokesman for said “It’s understandable that people are tightening their belts and are spending more cautiously during this bleak economic time, but returning clothes after wearing them is quite dishonest and high risk.”

    “What it doesn’t show is how many more shoppers are doing it but are too ashamed to admit it or those who want to save face and give the impression they have more clothes than they do.”

    Although many retail outlets are under no legal obligation to accept returned items unless they are damaged or faulty, most do.

    Dr Sandra Wheately, a social psychologist, said: “It’s not something many people would admit to. They don’t want to draw attention to it. It’s like a legalised form of shoplifting.”

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