Could your birth month determine your career?

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  • New research suggests the time of year a baby is born could shape their career path

    Being born in a certain month doesn’t just determine your star sign but could indicate your career path, according to a study by the Office of National Statistics.

    According to researchers, a child born in December is more likely to become a dentist while someone whose birthday falls in January is more likely to become a debt collector. Those babies born in February are likely to turn their hand to painting, while March babies go on to become pilots.

    Speaking earlier this year, neuroscientist Russell Foster from Oxford University says: ‘The effects are small but very, very clear. I am not going to give voice to astrology – but we are not immune to seasonal interference.

    ‘It seems absurd the month in which you are born can affect life chances, but how long you live and how likely you are to develop a range of diseases are all correlated to some extent with the time of year in which you emerge from the womb.’

    The study found Spring babies are at greater risk of illness including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and autism. They may also be less clever than classmates born at different times of the year.

    The research suggests many of these differences are linked to a mother’s exposure to sunlight in pregnancy.


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