Know How Much Water Would Kill You? What About Coffee? Or Chocolate Bars?

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  • Ever wondered about how many lattes it would take to give you a heart attack? What about the number of cherries you'd have to eat to poison yourself?

    We’ve all been there: it’s 1.15pm, you’ve yet to eat lunch and you suddenly realise you’re on your fourth cup of coffee that day. But before you grab the nearest stethoscope and start freaking out about your heart rate, fear not: YouTube cleverclogs ASAPscience have released a new video, revealing that it would take 70 mugs of caffeine to put you at risk of death*.

    But that’s not their only revelation. Apparently cherry stones (or pits, as they’re often called) contain so much cyanide that if you were to grind two of them up and ingest the powder, you’d be dead within an instant.

    Here are some of our other favourite substance-overdose findings…

    family-size chocolate bars eaten in a row would be enough to fatally poison you. Thankfully, consuming 14 Easter Eggs, seven selection boxes or one entire advent calender won’t have any long-term negative effects. As long as you don’t consume that amount every single day. And you share them with us, that is.

    70 cups of coffee could kill a person weighing 70 kilograms. No news if that means 65 cups of coffee would kill a person weighing 65 kilograms. Something tells us science isn’t quite that logical. Maybe don’t put it to the test.

    48 teaspoons of salt-based seasoning could give you sodium poisoning. And would make us question whatever it was you were trying to season in the first place.

    13 consecutive shots of alcohol would be enough to damage your brain so severely, your respiratory system could shut down. To be honest, we don’t recommend risking 11 or 12 shots, either. Fatal or not, throwing up on yourself is never a good look.

    Six litres of water could be enough to send you into a coma.

    Two ground up cherry stones would produce enough cyanide to end your life.

    Also, did you know that being too tall can have a negative impact on your health, too? According to ASAPscience, experts believe that every inch over five feet takes one year

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